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N OF 1

Every Medical Innovation requires huge courage from the first patient

About the movie

In medicine, innovation can come from unexpected sources. A Canadian electronics businessman with no medical training, an immunologist from Israel, and a transplant surgeon from England meet in a hospital in India. This might sound like the start of an elaborate joke, but it is actually a remarkable collaboration established in an effort to save the life of a young woman dying of liver cancer. As they invent and then carry out an experimental procedure, this unconventional team recognizes that what they are attempting could have broad implications for currently untreatable cancers. This emotionally charged documentary is both thought-provoking and inspirational, taking you on a journey spanning five countries, as 26-year-old Kayte, with the support of her family, bravely undergoes an unproven procedure, providing hope for a cure that will enable her to return home and help innumerable others as well. [– Shari Clare]



Bernard Friedman is founder and creative director of the Los Angeles based documentary production company, Flying Mind. He directed the feature documentary “N of 1” (2019), an inquiry into the nature of innovation as understood through the story of a novel approach to cancer, and the short film “American Homes” (2012), an animated 1000-year history of residential architecture in North America that includes interviews with notable figures in the world of architecture and design. He also produced the feature documentary “Bogalusa Charm” (2017), a study of the changing American South which premiered at Slamdance, and he is an executive producer for “Bending the Arc” (2017), the story of a group of young med students who spark an international revolution in rural health care, which premiered at Sundance. Bernard is the author of the book, The American Idea of Home, published by the University of Texas Press.

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